Why I Won’t Stop Blogging

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Because Of  You!

You. Make.  Me.  Want.  To.  Blog.

8 days ago I started publicizing Million Mile Secrets online.

And you came over to check it out!

2 days later, I was asked if I was interested in sharing the same web address with some of the best bloggers in the business (Who me?  Did they have the correct email address?!)

You left lots of comments on my posts:

You sent me emails telling me that my posts were well crafted!

Thank you for supporting my first week blogging to the ENTIRE world (Ok, I’ll admit to being just a wee bit apprehensive!)

Thank you, my sweet dear Emily, for supporting and encouraging my long nights, early mornings, and busy weekends as I immersed myself with blogging.  We’ve been together for 4.5 years and I still find new ways to love you, even more, each day!

Thank you Gary, from View From The Wing, for linking to my post on the 2-Browser trick in your weekly wrap-up, “The Best Insights from the Other Travel Blogs in the Past Several Days (Read It All Here in One Place, They Blog So I Don’t Have To).”

Thank you to the many Mile & Point bloggers who replied to my emails about silly technical details and my inane questions about their blogging experiences.

Thank you to a very venerable individual in the Mile and Point collecting community for sending me an encouraging email (I needed it!)

Thank you Mary Alice, foosion, Derek, Ed, Rob, Larry, Karen, Jade, M, Biggles209, Laura, UT1e0b, mm, Jim, stephen, Phil, AKT, Harold, and Explore  for commenting and sharing your experiences with others on the blog.  Your comments make this blog stronger!

Thank you to the many readers who emailed me, including those of you who, ahem, questioned my intelligence and judgement for publishing the Priority Club trick.

Thank you to the readers who emailed their friends about Million Mile Secrets so that they, too, could have Big Travel with Small Money.

Thank you to the 1,000+ readers who visited this blog yesterday!  How did you find me in only 8 days?!

Thank you to the 300 readers who have signed up to receive free blog posts via email or in a RSS reader!  You will never miss out on another mile or point tip.

YOU are all the reason why I will NOT stop blogging.

To show my thanks, in the next few weeks (I’m still working out the details), you will be able to win Loss Prevention luggage tags worth $24.95 and Loss  Prevention tags for your laptop or phone worth $19.95 just for leaving comments on Million Mile Secrets!

There may even be a giveaway for a FREE air ticket at the 25,000 mile award redemption level to anywhere in the US or Canada on either American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, or US Airways!  I’m still working out the details, so stay tuned to Million Mile Secrets.

And of course, I’ll be posting brand new articles on how you can have Big Travel for Small Money.

You’ll literally go places just by reading Million Mile Secrets!

I couldn’t have had such a successful first week without YOU.  Thanks again for your support!  Reading your comments and emails is what makes blogging worthwhile to me!

Why don’t you  sign-up to receive free blog posts in your email or in a  RSS reader …because that way you’ll never miss out on the free giveaways coming up!

Why do you read Million Mile Secrets?  What type of articles would you like to see on Million Mile Secrets?  What’s  missing on Million Mile Secrets?   Tell me about it in the comments below!

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25 responses to “Why I Won’t Stop Blogging

  1. Great blog. You are now part of my morning reading. I look forward to learning more.

  2. You are indeed a rare individual in the world. Someone willing to spend time and money to help others. I wish you all the success.


  3. MinnesotaRick

    I found your blog through the link on ViewfromtheWing.com and I am glad I did. I appreciate your depth of information on a topic and have added you to my list to view each morning. Thanks!

  4. I agree with the rest of the sentiments above, great work here! Looking forward to more of your content!

  5. Hello Dariaus,

    Would you be interested in writing on different alliance partners and what perks they offer when you fly premium class with them. Like TG offers spa services etc.And how about starting with * alliance I guess it would be helpful for your readers to know where to go with the millions of miles they will gain with your millionmilessecrets ;).
    Also if they are not aware just let them know of current US airways promotion.

    It’s important for somebody starting to not all airlines are created equal.


  6. I like that you focus on the big stuff, that gives you the most bang for the buck (and time invested), like the 150K AA miles deal, and the priority club points deal. Just those two ideas alone, can have us traveling to far away places for a small handful of dollars.

  7. timeforsomecheese

    That could be the best 8 days of blogging I have ever seen! Great job so far, and keep the tips coming! I like that you didn’t hold back with your suggestions, and took the time to say Thank You to all of us out here in travel-land.

  8. Many travel blogs post the same stuff. In only 8 days, I’ve found new and great stuff. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you’re doing!

    • @dracs– That’s an interesting topic, but it will take many posts to cover since there are so many airlines to cover! I’ll plan to write on these topics over the next month.

      @Chris – I like considering the return on my investment (time & money) when I analyze a promotion, since I’m usually very busy at work and home (and now blogging!). Glad that you found my analysis useful!

      @timeforsomecheese– I sincerely appreciate your kind words. I really wouldn’t be blogging if I didn’t have such great readers! I love how we’re building our own travel community here!

      @David – Thanks for your feedback, and am thrilled to hear that my work resonates with you! Stay tuned for more posts in the next few weeks.

  9. “What’s missing on Million Mile Secrets?”
    I would love to see ways of searching for Oneworld partner awards without calling AA reservations.
    And perhaps you should also cover the other two alliances, namely searching with ANA for Star Alliance and airfrance.us for Sky Team.

  10. Wow! I did not realize that you had only been going for a week or less when I found your blog. Not sure which site lead me to yours but glad I found it. I myself am more of an adventure traveler in that I would prefer not to stay in 5 star hotels. I would rather backpack the Great Wall in China while staying at simple accommodations or cycle along the canals in Belgium while spending my nights on a barge. If I can get there for almost nothing in coach, I do not mind spending a few dollars on the other end. So my only suggestion would be to keep it clean & simple. If I want to know how to get elite status or how to always get into first class I will read one of the other blogs. 😉 I really like the fact that you pointed out some of the pitfalls of the mileage run.

    Keep up the good work & great info and I will be here reading / using it.

    • @Larry – Thanks for the suggestion! And for reminding us that not everyone wants to travel in First Class. Traveling to more places is an equally worthy goal! I’ve cycled in France and Belgium before, and can’t wait to do it again!

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  12. Again, I just can’t get over the quality of your posts! Everything on your blog is so impressive and has helped so much!!!

  13. worldtraveller2

    ditto on what people above are saying. Your posts are excellent reads. Thanks for the information!

  14. Hi there Daraius! My fiancé and I are 20-something teachers about to embark on a life-changing journey. In August we will be moving to Myanmar (Burma) to begin our careers as international teachers. We hope to travel the world engaged in something close to our hearts. That being said, we won’t have access to the same resources we might in the US.

    We’re going to be looking to you (and others!) to help us! Many of the promotions (credit cards, etc) are for US residents. Are there opportunities for Americans living abroad already?

    Thanks very much for your dedication to sharing what you’ve learned – it’s already been a great gift. If you’re ever in Myanmar (or nearby Thailand), please do let us know!

    Postally yours,

    Ray (& Shuruq)

    • @Ray Congratulations on your journey to Myanmar and all the best as you live your dream (and change the world)!

      I don’t know of many credit card offers which are available to non-US residents. However, you can always sign-up for credit card offers by listing your parent’s address in the application and not mentioning that you live overseas. This will require a little co-ordination, and you may even have to pay foreign exchange fees on the amount needed to meet the minimum spend, but that might be a way to keep you in the miles and points.

      Safe travels!

  15. Another new daily read…thanks

  16. Thanks for not stopping to blog
    I am new to this and trying to learn

  17. Wow 1,000 readers in a week?! Would you mind sharing the statistics now after coming up on 2 years?

    I understand if you do not want to share. Thanks so much for everything you do!