Use The 2-Browser Trick To Earn 150,000 Free AAdvantage Miles [Expired]

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Update: As of October 10, 2011 the 75,000 mile offer is dead, BUT there is still a 50,000 mile version available.

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AAdvantage 75,000 Mile Bonus Offer

Emily and I have earned over 1,200,000 AAdvantage miles by applying for Citi AAdvantage Credit Cards.  That lets us have lots of Big Travel with Small Money!

We recently used 180,000 miles to fly First Class on American Airlines, British Airlines, and Jet Airways to London and Bombay.  And so can you!

AAdvantage 75,000 Credit Card Bonus

 You may be wondering if this impacted  our credit score.

No. It did NOT!  Our credit score decreased by ~5 points with each application, which is a negligible decrease.  Stay tuned for a later post where I explain how your credit score is calculated.

Sadly, Citibank no longer allows applications every 2 months and restricts the sign-on bonus to first time applicants.

However, in my experience, getting the Citibank AAdvantage credit cards is possible, but you have to wait for at least 18 months since the last successful approval to reapply.

Update: I recently was approved for 2 new Citi AAdvantage cards which  is another 150,000 AA AAdvantage miles for me!

Reports on Flyertalk indicate approvals on AAdvantage cards around 18 months after your last successful AAdvantage card approval.

Be careful when you reapply, since Citi is very inconsistent in their approval process and you may get different results than mine!

AAdvantage 75,000 Mile Bonus Offer – First Time Applicants

The current Citi AAdvantage offer is for 75,000 miles per card.  That’s enough for 3 roundtrip tickets within the US in economy class, or a one-way trip to Asia on Cathay Pacific in First Class (one of the world’s best airlines), or a return trip in Business Class to South America!

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll suggest ways to spend the AAdvantage miles earned. If you can’t wait until then, look at the AA Award Chart which is located in the “Airline Award Charts” sub-menu under the ” Mile & Point Resources” menu on the blog.

Where do you want to go? 🙂

If you’ve never applied for a Citibank AAdvantage Credit Card, you CAN get up to 225,000 AAdvantage miles, worth at least $2,250 if you conservatively value AA miles at 1 cent per mile.

If you don’t have an AAdvantage account, sign-up for one here, before you apply for the Citi AAdvantage Credit Cards.

There are 2 version of the same deal available, but I recommend the first version since the minimum amount of spending required to get the 75,000 miles is less.

1) 75,000 AAdvantage Miles after $1,500 is spent in first 6 months:

  • 75,000 AAdvantage Bonus Miles – Visa

You have to spend only $1,500 per card within 6 months of applying in order to get the 75,000 AAdvantage miles.

You should know, however, that this offer has officially expired.  However, the links are still working and many people have been approved for the deal.  I got the Citi Business card through this link in February and I was approved for 2 new personal cards in July.

UPDATE: Blog reader Larry (Thanks, Larry!!) confirms receiving both personal Amex and Visa cards on May 31, 2011 and reminds us that the spend start date is the date you get approved for the card, NOT the date when you call to activate the card!

2)  75,000 AAdvantage Miles after $4,000 is spent in first 6 months:

  • 75,000 AAdvantage Bonus Miles – Visa Personal
  • 75,000 AAdvantage Bonus Miles – Amex Personal
  • 75,000 AAdvantage Bonus Miles – Visa Business

You will get 75,000 AAdvantage miles, in this version of the deal,  after spending $4,000 within the first 6 months of applying.

If you feel uncomfortable applying for the above deal online, because the terms and conditions do not specify the 75,000 mile bonus —even though many folks on FlyerTalk have confirmed receiving the bonus and so has Emily — you may want to confirm the bonus when you call to activate your cards.

5 Tips to get the most AAdvantage miles through this offer:

1) Your goal should be to get all 3 cards (Personal Visa, Personal Amex, and Business Visa) for a total of 225,000 AAdvantage miles.

2) However,  you CANNOT apply for both Personal cards (Visa and Amex) AND the Visa Business card simultaneously.  If you do apply for all 3 cards at the same time, you will be denied the Business card and will have to wait 95 days to reapply.

3) The 75,000 mile bonus is only for first time cardholders. One bonus for first time personal cardholders, and another bonus for first time business cards holders.

So if you apply for the Personal Visa today and the Personal Amex tomorrow, you will be denied the bonus on the Personal Amex since you’re no longer a first-time cardholder. But the 2-browser trick described later on takes care of this problem!

4) Here’s how to get all 3 cards and 225,000 AAdvantage miles:

  • Apply for the Citi Personal Visa ($1,500 spend requirement)  and the Citi Personal Amex ($4,000 spend requirement) and on the same day by using the 2 browser trick below.  You will earn 150,000 miles for these 2 cards.
  • If you are concerned about completing the minimum spend, I’ve listed more than 40+ ways to help complete the minimum spending requirements. You only have one chance at applying for both the cards together, so don’t let the minimum spending prevent you from applying for both cards at the same time.
  • After 65 days apply for the Citi Business Card and earn another 75,000 miles.  If you apply earlier than 65 days your application will be automatically denied because Citibank likes to see 60+ days gap after a personal application and 90+ days after a business card application.

5) The 2 Browser Trick:

  • In order to get 2 bonuses for the AAdvantage personal credit cards, you have to submit 2 applications for the Citi Personal cards (1 Amex & 1 Visa) at the same time.  If you submit the 2nd application the next day, you are considered an existing cardholder and will not get the new bonus.

So here’s what you do.

  • In one browser, say Firefox, fill out the application for the Citi Personal Visa card for 75,000 miles.  Don’t click on submit yet!

In another browser, say (Internet Explorer or Chrome) fill out the application for the Citi Personal Amex card for 75,000 miles.  Don’t click on submit yet!

Hit submit on the first application and then switch to the other application and hit submit.  If all goes well, you should get the sign-up bonus on both cards!

If you don’t have 2 different browsers, download another browser.  If you want to use the same browser for both  applications make sure to delete all the cookies in your browser and reopen the browser before submitting the 2nd application.

If you are not approved immediately, you may want to wait or either call the application status line  (make 2 separate calls; one call for the visa card and one call for the Amex card) and confirm the terms of the offer.  Don’t tell them that you applied for 2 cards!

The 2 browser trick usually works, but understand that there are no guarantees and that your mileage may vary (YMMV)!

6) Wait for your card to arrive and confirm the minimum spend required to earn the 75,000 miles when you call to activate your card.

Oh, and the first year annual fee is waived on both the personal ($85) and the business card ($75) so you are getting these miles for free!

Getting 150,000 AAdvantage miles for free and using the 2-browser trick gives me the same adrenalin rush back when I used to find loopholes as an auditor!

I don’t get any referral bonus or payback from Citibank for this post or for the links to the Citi AAdvantage credit cards.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I do own negligible amounts of Citigroup stock.

The only benefit I receive from this post is the  thrill in helping you earn lots of miles from a Fortune 14 bank for very little effort!

Bottom Line: This is an AWESOME deal and you should move quickly since there’s no guarantee how much longer these deals will last.

You can do a LOT with  225,000 AAdvantage miles  – including 9 US domestic economy trips on American Airlines, or First Class flights on some of the worlds finest airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways, and British Airways by redeeming through American Airlines for their One World Alliance partners.

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Was this post helpful for you?  Was it too long?  I want to make this blog useful to you so please let me know in the comments or email me at daraius @

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620 responses to “Use The 2-Browser Trick To Earn 150,000 Free AAdvantage Miles [Expired]

  1. naryan padmanabha

    Could I apply for the following 3 cards using a 3 browser trick?
    1.) Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® Visa Signature® card @ 30,000 miles
    2.)Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® @ 30,000 miles
    3.) Citi® / AAdvantage® American Express® card @ 30,000 miles
    All require have a $750 spending requirement within 4 months.

    • @naryan padmanabha – Citi usually allows only 2 applications within a 65 day window, so you may get denied for the 3rd application. Also, you most likely won’t be able to get another Citi personal card for at least 18+ months since your last personal application. The 50K offers in the Hot Deals tabs will get you more miles, but have a slightly higher spending requirement.

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  3. New to the game. Thx for all the time and effort you have put into all this. I just tried the 2 browser trick last night (2am ET Sun 4/22/12) to get the Citi AAdvantagge Platinum Select Visa Signature and Select Am Ex. Both gave 50K bonus & $150 in Stmt credits. I have 803 credit score and only 2 open current credit cards (Bank of Am and FIA). Nothing opened recently at all. On both I got Step 3 Approval Status Application Rec’d but “further processing is required…will contact within 1 wk via email”. I immediately called the Citi App Status (2 toll free #s) and Credit Dept (1 toll free) but they are closed due to wknd. What do I do?…wait for them to contact me via email?…or call them on Mon? I tried calling them 12pmET on Sun just in case they were open but still got same message. Also, I noticed right after I applied on Citi website they had stmt that site would undergo updates on 4/22 somewhere between 12am-5am (of course that is when I tried applying). I clicked on a few other Citi card offers then to apply and all of them said Site was down for maint and try again later. So I’m thinking my approval just got jammed up in system maint and wknd off-duty hours. What do you think?

    Also, when applying using the 2 browser trick, am I supposed to use all the same exact application info (ie email, income, phone numbers, etc)?…or do I need to change some of that so the applications don’t cause a glitch?…how does Citi not know I’ve got 2 exact apps since they seem to link via by SSN? And is it ok to use the same frequent flier # on each app?…I’m thinking yes b/c I want points on same acct but again it links both apps since they are exactly the same.

  4. Very sad…. I called to cancel my American Express since my bonus miles posted a couple of months ago. They transferred me to some special agent to try to talk me out of cancelling of course, which I expected, but this agent instead told me something very sad. She told me that American Airlines and Citi are now only allowing the mileage bonuses for FIRST TIME card applicants. They are no longer allowing mileage bonuses for repeat customers. She then said she could offer me 3,000 miles if I kept the card and spent $500 in the next 4 months. Ya, sure, I guess…. Not a very good consolation prize in my opinion!

    Anyone else heard of this? Has this happened to anyone else?

    • @Brad – I’d call them again. And you should have the same frequent flyer information and other information in your applications since they are the same.

      @Katy – Based on reader feedback, you can get a new personal AAdvantage card 18+ months from your last application approval date.

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  6. New to the game I applied for both Chase cards Mid April United Mileage card and was approved 4/14. and Southwest Card I had to call the reconsideration line and move the credit limit around for approval.

    I thought to wait 30 days to apply for the BA Chase card and was declined for too many cards open and couldn’t redistribute the credit lines with the reconsideration dept.(They did offer to reconsider me the card after seeing a history of payments or if I was to close one of my other Chase accounts) I have a 759 credit score.

    How long should I wait to open the Citi AA Visa and Amex personal cards?

  7. Thanks I called Chase reconsideration line and I was approved for BA Card a few minutes ago! I will also post a comment in the section for the Southwest Rapid Rewards card I applied for the 25k offer and they responded to me in less than 24 hours stating I will get the 50k offer points in 4 days.

  8. In Texas Citi AA uses Experian. With that said 769 score 5 inquiries. 1 inquiry set to drop off this month(June). 2 more inquiries drop off in August….However I have a CO from Citi paid /closed 03/2006…..I have tried to dispute this w/ Experian w/ no luck. I had success with it dropping off on the other CRA’s. Citi has granted me several business cards opened 2009 i.e. fuelman 3k limit, I believe homedepot, lowes, officedepot, and staples cards are from citibank as well…..What are your recommendations……

    • @Kho – Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience! I’d suggest for more help on how to dispute the CO. It may be tough to get a miles card from Citi, but you could try to see if the CO prevents you from getting approved.

  9. Not sure how I messed this up, but used the 2 browser trick to get 2 AMEX cards! I swear I had different applications up with the two browsers, but I got my cards in the mail and they are both AMEX. I figured I would have to cancel one of them, but I asked the customer service rep when I called to activate and on both of them they said I was eligible to earn the 50,000 miles.

    So now I am unsure. Should I spend the 6,000 on two AMEX accounts and Hope I receive 100,000 miles? Or should I play it safe, cancel one, and use the spending on a different offer?

    Anyone make this mistake before or have any advice for me?

  10. @chuck. It happens. Dont worry you will get the bonus on both cards. Happy spending!!

  11. @Troy: Thanx!

  12. Seems like I messed up. I Applied for my father on 24 using 2 browser trick. Well his TU Credit score according to is 748. First AAdvantage (actually first CITI) card. Both the applications said wait & watch!!! My father told me he called next day but Citi rep for Visa card and Rep. told him they are processing on his application. Seems Chances are he will not be honored with Both promotion but wish I’d be wrong. Should I call instead for my father…is there any hope? please advice.

  13. My credit score is not good – in the 400’s. I was going to school and didn’t get the hoped for job after I graduated, so I lived on credit cards and got over my head.

    Are there any decent rewards/mileage cards I could apply for and at least START building up some mileage? I’m out of debt and want to start improving my credit, so I don’t want to have too many credit inquiries.

  14. I apologize if this was already mentioned but I missed it. When using the 2 browser trick do you put in your rewards number on both cards or leave it blank. I will be applying for AA for my wife and Hilton for myself. Thanks

    • @Nancy – I would NOT (repeat, NOT) apply for any miles earnings card with that score, because you won’t get approved. I’d wait at least until your score is 680+ before applying for any miles earning cards. The Chase Freedom earns Ultimate Rewards points which you can transfer to airline or hotels if you get a transferable Ultimate Rewards card later (Ink, Sapphire Preferred etc.). But I’m not sure if you’ll get approved for the Freedom card. Much better to wait until your score increases.

      @Steve – I put in the rewards number to get the points credited to my account.

  15. Hey, “Top Of The Am” “M.M.S” First, I really appreciate you Being A “TRUE AMERICAN” HELPING THOSE IN OUR COMMUNITY HOW TO FISH! You have a Gift and Talent. And you didn’t Buried IT! You Increased, your Self-worth and In Understanding the Dynamics of HELPING ONE ANOTHER AS WE BUILD OUR HUMAN ASSET AND COMMUNITY! Question? Have you heard of anyone Who has New Credit with One account and a 700 credit score? Thank You in Advance! Lol.

  16. Hi. I’m considering the 2 personal AA cards. Have you heard whether anyone has been able to get the 75K bonus from your links on this page recently? What about the 50K bonuses? Do the minimum spends (eg. $2500 in 4 months) still apply? When I go to the CitiBank website, it states personal visa card at $3,000 in 3 months for 40K + I can earn an additional 10K with further expenditures.

    One other question: I have a slow computer – if there is a 5 minute difference between the time when I submit the 2 AA applications, will it still work? Also, do I need an AA number prior to applying.

    Thanks for answering these questions.

    • @Freddy – I’m not sure of your question, but yes, you can only have one card if you want.

      @BG – The links to the 75K offers no longer work, but the 50K offers do work with the same amount of minimum spending. The links in the Hot Deals are to 50K offers, but the ones on the Citi website will show you an offer landing page if it makes you more comfortable. Yes, you should have an AA number before applying and enter that in the application. A 5 minute interval shouldn’t make much difference. Good luck!

  17. Can I apply if I am not U.S citizen or resident?

  18. I just applied for the personal amex and business visa. Got instant approval on the amex personal, but after calling the reconsideration line about the business visa they declined me because I already have a business visa. My Business card is 3 years old. What should I do to be able to apply for another business card in the future?

    Thank you!

  19. Hi I tried the two browser trick 3 weeks ago and was approved for the visa and denied for the amex. Can I try to apply for the business one since I only was approved for one personal card or do I have to wait?

    • @Meredith – You can write a letter to Citi and ask them to reconsider your application (have to do it within 30 days). You can also apply for the business card if you haven’t applied for it in the last 65 days.

  20. I’m considering applying for the two personal citi cards as I do missionary work in Brazil and flying American is usually our best bet. From what I read in the fine print these bonus miles can only be redeemed for domestic flights. Are you saying that these bonus miles can be redeemed for international? Sure would save us a lot of money and with my regular expenditures, if paid for using the citicard, would earn more than just the bonus miles.

  21. Just wanted to say thank you for the info Daraius! I managed to squeak in on the 2BM personal cards just before Citi clamped down on it and followed through to get approved for the business card netting an easy 150,000+ miles. It’s going to help take my wife and son to Oahu and Maui next summer. I really enjoy reading your blog and wish you and your wife all the best!

    • @Joel – You can’t apply for 2 cards at the same time any longer, but you can get 1 50K card and 1 30K card a few days later. You can use the miles for flights outside the US as well.

      @Justin – Congrats and thanks so much for your kind words. Safe travels!

  22. hi daraius,
    i just stumbled into your site/blog tonight. i was getting so confused about which deal was still available and what i should do. i just recently cancelled my United Explorer card because my year was up and they wanted to charge the annual fee. i refuse to pay for the fee because i think it is another made up fee for them to make even more money after charging the merchants their fees already. in any case, i have quite a few miles w/ UA but quite interested in branching out. we travel mainly to scandinavia or asia because of families and i know AA have partnership w/ SAS and Cathay. since i want to make sure i am making the most out of being a first time applicant, i needed your personal advice on what i should do and which link might be offering the best deal at this time. i found one current link for an AA Citi Signature card offering only 30,000 bonus miles w/ first year annual fee waived. i currently have a Hilton and Sheraton Amex at this time. i have zero balance w/ any cards and my FICO is 816. do you recommend i try to apply for 2 or 3 cards w/ AA to max out my bonus points at this time? does this type of double or triple application still work today? will this affect my FICO? i am excited to find your site and look forward to hearing back from you. thank you very much! BTW. how did you rack up over 1Mil points w/ AA or does this include any other airline? holy cow! is that really true? did you get the points by application or usage of the card?

  23. hi back,
    thank you very much for your reply. i appreciate the information. i must be doing something wrong. i can’t seem to find the link for the 50K personal Visa for AA. every time i click on the link under the Option#2 on your site, i get the Business application and it does not indicate how many miles i would get. so, i did not fill out the app, afraid i might be filling out the wrong form. can you help me to find the link for the 50K personal visa. on my own, i am able to find the 30K personal and business visa. i just can’t find the 50K.

    do you also have a website where i can obtain my credit report for free? i am afraid to reach out to the wrong sites and get a flood of unwanted solicitors.

    thank you in advance and i appreciate the help.

    p.s. this is very first time writing and corresponding on a blog. obviously, your blog was informative and interesting enough for me to reach out to you. this is a huge compliment from someone very low-tech like myself! 🙂

  24. Reading your blog this week planning a trip to Hawaii either KOA or ITO airport from SLC salt lake city trying to decide what would be the best card ? Any advice

    • @cindy – I would do a dummy search on the American Airlines and United website and see what award availability looks like for the days you want to travel. Then apply for the card whose miles seem to get you more options.

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  28. I read and like your blog….keep posting or email

  29. Regiously read your daily postings and of course your other writings. I can grasp most of what you say and have put your teachings to good use on a limited basics. I like you delight in getting something extra from the big banks and airlines. The question that keeps bugging me is do I pay a fee each year on each card or do I cancel them before the time is due to renew them? I never carry a balance, and always pay before the payment due date. I really don’t need an outstanding credit rating as we are a retired couple and have no debt and really don’t plan on borrowing any money. But in saying that I still don’t want to trash my credit rating. I value your comments, advice and suggestions.

  30. Hi,
    I had AA citi cards two years ago. If I apply for their personal credit cards, would I still get 75K bonus miles?


  31. Brittany Masters


    Is this offer still available? If I’m trying for a first time AA Citi Card.

  32. Hi Daraius

    Is it true that the Citi AAdvantage AMEX card is no more ?

    I couldnt find any link online to that.

  33. I understand that the 75k bonus is no longer available but I’ve seen other AA citi bonus. I’ve already have a citi AA mastercard and I was wondering if I can apply for the Citi Visa and get the sign up bonus.

  34. I am looking to go to Hawaii in Dec. and am looking to take advantage of a credit card offer to get free miles and redeem them for a free ticket!? i can fly from boston or NY. I am also going with my daughter and wife so companion tickets would be great too. any advice?

  35. Hey Darius,
    I already have one AA card and opened it last August. If i keep the card open. Can i reapply for another Citi card and get the 50K bonus again ?

  36. I tried all of the above links and they all appear to be disabled now.

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  38. I’m just joining the band wagon but I don’t know how pertinent your information is. I appreciate the ins and out and how to benefit more fully but sometimes I feel like my wheels are spinning. I’m getting a lot of travel and hotel points, more than I could ever use. What’s the best way to redeem whatever points I have left..

  39. Please advise when this promotion will be back, 75,000 miles is a great deal….

  40. We have benefited numerous times from these great ideas you post for travel. However, like your post warns, Citibank is unpredictable. My husband just applied for AAdvantage card after waiting 23months and was denied the bonus mileage. He called and they told him 24 months was their required wait time. 🙁 We lost out.