Why The Chase “6-Month Rule” Is a Myth!

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Two weeks ago, Emily applied for the fantastic Chase Sapphire credit card which offers 50,000 points after $3,000 in spend within 3 months [Now Expired].

These points are particularly valuable to us because we intend to transfer them to Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio and then redeem the points for 2 rooms at the Park Hyatt in Paris or the Park Hyatt in the Maldives – both of which regularly sell for $1,000 a night!

Yesterday,  Emily got a denial notice in the mail.  Below is an excerpt from that letter.

Chase Credit Card Denial Letter

Chase Credit Card Application Status:

The denial reads:

“Dear Emily:

Thank you  for your interest in our CHASE SAPPHIRE Visa Signature credit program.  Your application was given thoughtful consideration  by CHASE BANK USA, NA.

After reviewing the information provided in the application  and your credit bureau report, we regret that we are unable to approve your  request for a credit account at this time.  The reason(s) for our decision are as follows:

Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us

The Chase “6 Month Rule” Myth:

I know a lot of people who would read the letter and consider the decision to not approve the credit card to be final, and move on.

But that’s not true!  You can – and SHOULD – always follow-up with the Bank to ask them if they would reconsider their decision.  (This assumes that there were no late payments, bankruptcies or write offs on your credit report.)

Most banks set a limit on the TOTAL credit amount which they will extend to you.  This limit is based on the bank’s internal risk-taking (or underwriting) policy, your income, length of credit history, and other variables on your credit report.

You may reach this total limit with 2, 3, or 4 or more credit cards, depending on the credit limit assigned to each credit card.

For example, $20,000 in total credit can result in:

  • 4 Credit Cards with a limit of $5,000 each
  • 3 Credit Cards with a limit of $6666.67 each or
  • 2 Credit Cards with a limit of $10,000 each

Once you reach this limit, banks will no longer extend you any new credit (since doing so will increase the bank’s risk exposure) and will send you a denial notice.  This was the type of denial notice which Emily received!

Note that this type of denial was sent to Emily only because she had reached the maximum limit of credit which Chase was willing to extend her. It was not sent because of concerns about her credit history, length of credit history or for too many inquiries (We’ll address how to overcome these concerns in later posts).

This type of denial is often – incorrectly interpreted – as evidence of the Chase “6 month rule,” where Chase will not issue a new credit card if you’ve had a credit card approved in the past 6 months.  Don’t let this myth prevent you from getting bonuses on new Chase credit cards!

In fact, just 2 months ago Emily was approved for a Chase Southwest Credit Card which offered a free flight + $500 in credit cards, 1.5 months before that she was approved for the Continental Airlines Business Credit Card which offered 25,000 miles, and 1 month before that she was approved for the Priority Club Visa Credit Card which offered 60,000 Priority Club Points.

That’s enough evidence to suggest that the 6-month rule (where Chase would not grant you a new credit card within 6 months of your last approved Chase credit card) is just a myth!

Chase Credit Card Reconsideration:

I called the Chase Credit Card Reconsideration telephone line and within 1 minute I was speaking to a credit reconsideration analyst.

I strongly recommend calling the number above instead of the general customer service number or the application status line.

That’s because you’re more likely to be given incorrect information such as “Please mail your reconsideration request in writing to PO Box XX…” or “Sorry, we can’t reconsider your request” by inexperienced representatives through the general line or the application status line.

I started off by explaining that Emily was denied because she already had credit cards with Chase, but was willing to cut the credit line on her existing accounts in order to get the new Sapphire Preferred Credit Card.

The rep asked for Emily’s reference number (found on the denial letter) and verified her personal information.

She then said that since there were no issues with Emily’s credit report, she could approve the new Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card provided Emily reduced the limit on her other cards.

I  suggested cancelling Emily’s Chase Southwest Airlines Personal Credit Card, since it was 11 months old and we didn’t want to pay the annual fee on the card.

The rep spent a few minutes processing the information in her system and Emily’s new Sapphire Preferred card was approved!

If the rep had NOT approved Emily, I would have called back again (call center agent roulette is the technical term) to see if another agent would have approved Emily.

The call took 5 minutes & 32 seconds to complete!  Yes, that’s $2000 worth of hotel rooms for just 5 minutes & 32 seconds on the phone!

Bottom line: Don’t take credit card denial letters at face value, and always pursue a reconsideration.  Sure, you might get denied again, but you NEVER know until you ask.

If you don’t get denied again, well, that’s more miles and points with which to have Big Travel with Small Money!

And don’t let the  Chase “6 month rule” prevent you from applying for a Chase Credit Card with a good bonus offering.  It’s just a myth!

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188 responses to “Why The Chase “6-Month Rule” Is a Myth!

  1. Thought I’d mention that when calling the Chase reconsideration line, sometimes they will send you to the “verification” department. Don’t exactly know why, but they ask you a bunch of questions about your credit report (just verification questions like previous addresses and existing credit cards in your name). Unfortunately the verification department definitely does NOT allow someone to call in for someone else, even after said person authorizes the other person to speak on their behalf. Tried doing it with my girlfriend, who proceeded to get angry at me for sucking her into this crazy world, heh.

  2. @Gabriel – Thanks for letting us know about the verification department. Now you’ll have to make it up to your girlfriend by taking her on a nice trip somewhere!

  3. Hey Darius,

    I have 3 Chase cards where I am the primary

    Chase Amazon
    Chase Freedom and
    Chase United Explorer – most recent approval (this week or so).

    I also am an “additional” on
    Chase Sapphire and
    Chase United

    All cards are open. I want to apply for a business card “Chase Sapphire Business?? ” to see if I can get some more points. My credit is good obviously…you see any problems me getting denied? I hate to be denied.

  4. Nevermind…I read your other post about the “Chase Warning!”. Guess I am on a lookout for another bank now. 🙂

  5. Just thought i’d Chime in since i’ve been lurking for a while. Great Stuff BTW!

    4/11/12 – Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus – Instant Approval
    4/22/12 – Sapphire Preferred – Pending on Website; call the next day was told it was Approved.

    So 2 cards over an 11 day span 🙂 Before this I’ve had 1 card with Chase … opened in 2005. Barely used though.

  6. @Anand– You may have to call in to get approved for the other Chase card, but if you have good credit you can transfer credit lines from your existing Chase cards to your new application. BTW, the Chase Sapphire Preferred is a personal card, but the Chase Ink Bold is a business card.

    @av – Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience!

  7. I’ve applied for a chase sapphire card twice. First time I was denied because I was a high risk and I did not have enough credit history. Recently I was denied again telling me I don’t have enough gross income. If I call them is there anyway to include the overall household income instead of just my income. I only have one card with a low credit limit. I pay in full and on time.

  8. Just an update. I called chase and talked to them about my income. I work in a high volume sales job I make about $24000 to $27000 depending on how busy it is. After being put on hold I was told they require at least two years if credit history. I’m Close to a year but I pay all my bills on time and full. Is there anything I could. I was told to go to a chase bank and have someone help me get approve. I really want this card. I’m willing to change banks if I have to.

  9. @Rj – You can include income which you will use to repay the debt with. I’d try calling again and asking them to include your additional income.

  10. what about my problem with my credit history?

  11. erika rice

    Thank you for posting this! I initially was denied for a chase Ink Business card but called and gave them the details, we were maxing out my personal card every month sometimes twice per month because I’m alone just little old me starting a business. We have gotten so big we out grew our first building and are moving to a bigger place, cheaper rent etc. Without this number I would not have been able to get the business it’s first credit card, and start building business credit as well as get my personal credit back into the 700’s by next year. Thanks again Erika

  12. @RJ – There’s a lot of variability with reps, so I’d call again and hope to get a rep who doesn’t bring that up!

    @erika rice – Looks like you’re business is growing very fast. Congrats and glad you found this useful!

  13. Thank you for this very useful and wonderful blog! I have two questions for you. I applied for Chase Freedom in February and was approved after about 2 weeks. Earlier this week I applied for the United MileagePlus and got approved today after talking to the department of verification. I am planning to apply for the wonderful Sapphire Preferred (I like its Get 20% off airfare and hotels), but am a bit concerned about being denied. Do you think it is better that I wait until one month later to submit my application? Also, the two cards I got both carry a credit line of over 10,000. In this case, do you think my chance of being rejected a third Chase CC will be higher? Is it a good idea to call and ask them to reduce the credit lines for both before applying for Sapphire? Or, is it better to wait until I get the possible denial to call the number for reconsideration and talk about reducing the credit lines for the 2 existing Chase credit cards? Many thanks again!

  14. @Rafael – Thanks for reading! You will likely get declined online, but you could be able to convince the reconsideration department to approve you by transferring credit from your other cards. I wouldn’t reduce the credit line before applying for the card. Instead, I’d call after applying and try to negotiate transferring credit from your existing cards. Or you can always wait a few months before applying for the Sapphire Preferred. Good luck!

  15. Hi Daraius,
    I just applied for the Chase Hyatt but my application needs further review. Should I call the reconsideration line tomorrow or should I wait until I receive the status letter in the mail then call if i get denied? Thanks!

  16. @Joan – I usually call the reconsideration line the same or the next day because I’m impatient!

  17. Darius, are you able to call the reconsideration lines for Emily, or do they require that she calls in? My wife is getting sick of calling the reconsideration departments 😉

  18. As another data point: I just got approved for 2 personal Chase cards on the same day! I apped both the Sapphire Preferred and the Priority Club Visa as part of an app-o-rama. I initially got the pending message, waited 2 days, then called the automated app status line.

    It actually said “you’ve applied for more than 1 credit card in the past 30 days”, which I thought was going to be when they shot me down. But no! It then told me my “first application” was approved, along with the credit line (my highest to date, btw). Then it said “your 2nd application” – approved! for almost the same amount. I opened the Southwest Visa back in April and the Amazon card way back in 2010. I’m so excited! I love Chase very much right now.

  19. @tyler – I call, she authorizes and I speak. See this post for more –>http://millionmilesecrets.com/2012/08/20/how-to-talk-with-banks-about-your-partners-credit-card/

    @Lisa – Thanks for sharing!

  20. I am in Canada so I don’t know if things are different up here but I just applied for my first Chase card and I was not impressed by the way they handled it. I have never been denied for a credit card before so was surprised that I got a “unfortunately we can’t process your application” message online. I called the general hotline today and I think I was transfered to India and then to the “fraud/security” department. Supposedly I am denied but the guy couldn’t tell me why. He said I will receive a letter in 5 to 7 days and he said I couldn’t apply for another card for 6 months. No confirmation of information or anything, just denied. I will see what this letter says when it arrives but I am wondering if the reconsideration number is the same for Canada as the USA.

  21. PointsObsession

    Here’s a bunch to try, (via MommyPoints)

    Chase Credit Card
    888-609-7805 (Reconsiderations)
    888-871-4649 (Reconsiderations)
    800-432-3117 (App status)
    888-270-2127 (App recon)
    877-781-3109 (CLI requests & account closures)
    888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst – Reconsideration)
    888-622-7547 (Chase Executive Office in IL)
    800-955-9900 (Product change status questions)

  22. @chris @PointsObsession – I doubt the reconsideration lines are the same in both countries. But it doesn’t hurt to try. Here’s an earlier post on reconsideration.

  23. i opened the united card on july 3, and applied for freedom on 10/31. united was instant approval for 5000 (ended up being 6500 when i got the card in the mail), freedom i got the 7-10 day message. called recon the next day, and they told me it was declined because i had just gotten the united card in july and they wanted to know why i needed another card so soon…

    i told them that i was planning for a move across the country next year (which i am) and since i fly united quite a bit i’d rather have both cards to keep the expenses separate. he then asked me some info about past derogatories on my reports (all from 5-6 years ago) and came back with an approval for $3500 for the freedom.

    thing is, my friend that lives in germany has invited me to come visit him for a week…and i don’t have a card that has no foreign transaction fees. i’m desparately wanting the sapphire preferred, for both that reason and to get the trifecta working for me (i also have a chase checking account)…is it possible to get that approved now or should i wait? i’ve seen some people say they won’t give more than two cards within six months, and i’ve already gotten two…

  24. @matt – Given that you got a low credit line on the Freedom and that you had to call the reconsideration, I’d wait a bit before applying for another Chase card. But perhaps the Citi Hilton Reserve with no foreign transaction fees and 2 free weekend nights and Hilton Gold status could work?

  25. nah, the SP is the only other card i really want at the moment. i’m going to be trying for a mortgage middle of next year, so i need to cool it a bit…like i said, i really wanted the chase trifecta working for me (along with the bonus points and no foreign transaction fees).

  26. @matt – Probably best to wait until you have the mortgage taken care of. The extra points really aren’t worth a lower mortgage interest rate.

  27. for the record, i decided to say screw it and give it a shot. i got the 7-10 day message when applying for the sapphire…called recon the next day, after a few questions – approved for $5k!

    best part…NO ADDITIONAL CREDIT PULL! i repeat, one hard pull for both freedom and sapphire preferred, spaced one week apart. they did pull both experian and transunion, but both pulls were the day of the freedom app. they didn’t pull a second time for sapphire.

  28. Daraius,

    You are the bomb! I’ve been rejected for cards before but I never had the nerve to try and get reconsidered. I wanted to transfer a big balance on one card to Chase Slate to take advantage of the no-transfer-fee and 0% rate but I got rejected. I figured it was because of the 6-month rule that I thought I read about on this site awhile ago. But the “total credit” explanation made much more sense. So I called the Chase reconsideration line. The agent immediately suggested that I lower the credit line on 2 of my other cards (which I never use) to make room for the balance transfer. After a few minutes I had been approved and my Chase Slate card is on the way! She was as nice as could be – I was expecting a grilling!

    Now that I know how easy it is I’m going to go and reapply for those United MileagePlus and Explorer cards I was rejected for last year!

    Thanks again!!

  29. @Ian – Glad it worked out!

  30. Thanks Darius! I was denied the British Airways 100,000 miles card until I called the number you posted: Chase Credit Card Reconsideration telephone line (888-245-0625). The agent was sooooo helpful and suggested they move a portion of my credit limit from my Marriott card to the BA card so I would get approved. Of course I agreed and I got approved! Thanks so much!

  31. @Poptarts – Congrats and thanks for sharing!

  32. We needed more UA miles for our travel in the summer, so we decided to have my husband apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card as we both already have the Ink Bold cards. He applied for it in the morning and got instant approval. We were not sure if he should also apply for the Chase Hyatt card because we heard that Chase doesn’t usually approve two personal cards on the same day. But in the evening, we decided to give it a try because we want to take the advantage of having two credit pulls for one report (well, even if it shows two pulls on the credit report, it might not look that bad because it is from the same bank.) So he applied at night, and surprisingly he was approved instantly as well! So two personal credit cards approval from Chase on the same day is possible.

  33. @Alice – That’s good to know and thanks for sharing!

  34. I’m a first time reconsideration line caller!! I applied for a Southwest 50,000 mile card 17 days ago. Haven’t heard or received anything in mail from them. So I called. It seems I was rejected. They said Experian showed I had 43 credit cards!!!! ( I have 4), and an open credit limit of $478,000!!!!! What???????? If that was true, I wouldn’t approve me either!!She said, upon further investigation, she sees that many of those cards are closed, yeah like 39 of them! They must show every card I’ve EVER opened, regardless if they are currently opened or closed. Have you heard of this situation before? What can I do? Good news, I did get the card, thanks to Darien’s info, but am worried about that report. Help!!!

  35. Hey everyone!
    This number is really magic 888-245-0625 !!! It is from Chase! Please try it if you have been denied for a credit card. Call as many times as you want.
    I was denied for the Freedom Chase Credit Card and I called twice that number. Unfortunately, I had bad luck, none of the representatives did anything to help me. They said my application could not be reconsidered. Finally, I called a third time and there was a very kind gentleman who was so attentive all the time and listened to my explanation.. I talked to him about the reasons why the card was denied. It was denied because I have too many inquiries in the last three months, about 4. I explained to him why that happened: I had applied for some gas credit cards because I spend a lot of money on gas because I go to work and school. But I regretted having applied for two of those credit cards: Valero and Paypal because for example, Valero only had a promotion of 20 cents cash back for each gallon, it is only in the first 4 months and I thought it was forever. So I applied for other, and again, I made a mistake with Paypal 🙁 Then I found out about Freedom Chase which I like a lot and applied for it.. I explained to him that I have never been late with my payments and I only use like 1% of my total credit limit.. He understood and reconsidered my application and yay I got approved 🙂

  36. @Susan – Congrats! I’d get your credit report for free and go through the information to makes sure it is accurate.

    @Pavel – Congrats. And thanks for sharing!

  37. Canceled United Explorer card MC (card was auto-converted from old Continental). Several days later apped for VS version for the 50K+5K promo. Pending… Call automated line, stated pending. Called 888-609-7805 (Reconsiderations). Rep said stated pending due to current total limit with Chase, but he put in a request to move some CL from another Chase card should they review and approve my “new” card and that I will get a decision letter in the mail 10-14 days. No other questions asked. Did I call the wrong dept (Lending)? Likely denied? Thoughts?

  38. @cmoz – Do you see the card in your Chase account? If not, you can call the reconsideration department to check the status.

  39. I was denied for the Chase Ink Bold card today because of my short credit history with them (opened the Chase Sapphire Preferred in Jan 2013), and since I am currently a student in college, my credit history is also less than 2 years. I was wondering if there is anything I could do? I tried both requesting a change in CL and calling again to a different agent, but neither worked. Any ideas?

  40. @Kyle Wang – If you’ve called a few times and were not able to get approved, it could be best to just wait and reapply later. Or you can calla few more times to see if you get a more helpful agent.

  41. Thank you for posting this great information. I applied for a Barclays card a few weeks ago and got denied. I have a 6 year old BK, but my score is back up around 700 now. I call this number and talked to the credit analyst and he approved me for $2500. Not as much as I wanted, but I’m just glad to be approved for a card other than Capital One after a BK. I’ll try to increase the line over the next year or so.

    Thanks again!

  42. Chase is a very good card and if any one has too many inquires those can easily be bumped off by pulling your credit report every day (transunion,equifax) experian does not do this. I got a truck loan with chase and 4 months later i applied for the chase freedom with a score of 650 and approved 3k limit. I have a 66 tax lean from a year ago and i co-signed for a cousin on a car from 5 years ago still on there everything else is clean 13 yrs of credit history income 100k and on the job for 14 yrs. I also got approved same day for the discover it card. They pulled only equifax.I will be applying for the slate card soon waiting 3 months in between application.

  43. After reading all of your posts again, I was inspired to fight back against my denial of the Chase Marriott card (70k offer).

    I applied about a month ago and got denied due to number of open credit lines (too many cards). The analyst didn’t give me any alternatives and I asked about moving credit limits around. She said no and it was purely based on the number of cards.

    I called back today asking what can be done. They offered to close one down to open this one, so i gave up my Hyatt card for the Marriott. This took a few minutes. This was really important to me as it eliminated a “denied request of credit” from Chase, which allowed me to apply for a business card. Managed to open a Chase Ink Bold today as well.

    The goal for me was not to get another card necessarily but to remove a denial from my history with Chase.

  44. @Joe Blow @kevin @Skwok – Glad it worked out and thanks for sharing!

  45. Hi Darius,
    This was a nice post. I never knew one could get two credit cards from chase approved the same day!
    I did apply for the Chase freedom yesterday and got approved online! I would like to apply for the chase sapphire preferred card for 40k points. I want to know if I will get double hard hits on my credit report?
    It says I am eligible for both these cards / one approved (Freedom) / sapphire preferred.

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  47. Thanks, I was declined for having to many recent credit. So I offered to close out one of my accounts to open the marriott 70k. So I ended up closing the united explorer. which I opened two months ago. I didn’t really need the miles, but needed the marriott points.

  48. @Sammy @David – Yes, it will be 2 credit inquiries on your credit report. And you will likely have to call the reconsideration line to get approved.

    @David – Congrats on getting approved!

  49. Is it possible to move credit around for Citibank cards? I want to increase the credit limit on my Citibank TY card and am willing to give up the credit on my other Citi cards

  50. @cyclops – You could call and ask, but in my experience they aren’t very good with moving credit around.

  51. raechel haines hart

    I have stellar credit but Chase has a rule of no more than two personal credit cards and/or 2 business cards can be approved every 30 days.

    Even with moving around creidt lines, they will not seem to budge on the 30 day rule between applications.

    Per Chase, my TRW will not show a decline if you apply for three personal cards at a time like I did but Chase will show a second TRW “peak” inquiry when I reapply for that third card in 30 days.

  52. Thanks, I called the reconsideration line and got approved for Chase Sapphire!

  53. Daraius,

    I applied for both Ink Bold and Chase Sapphire Preferred and both are in a pending status. I called the number you listed and it seems that for my Sapphire Preferred it is in a “verification” status and they would let me know the results within two weeks? Have you heard of this? I opened my Southwest cards 4 months ago and I never had to go through anything like that before. Is this new?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!


  54. @raechel haines hart – Very interesting. Would they have approved you if you cancelled a card instead.

    @Van – Congrats!

    @Erik – It isn’t new, but sometimes the reps can’t manually access your application. Call back in a few days and they should be able to review it.

  55. Thanks for the tips! I applied for the Chase United Explorer (50k+5k) and the Chase Hyatt (2 free nights + $50 statement credit) and was instantly approved from United but not for Hyatt. I called the reconsideration line and they initially said that I had been denied due to too many inquiries in a short amount of time. I asked to split the credit limit from the United card ($16k) with the Hyatt card since there would be no more risk to Chase for that. He agreed and then approved both.

    FSYA: I also have Ink Bold, Chase Freedom, and Amazon.com (from a LONG time ago), and have had, in the past, BA and Ink Plus cards.

  56. ken swanson

    I applied for and received a Chase United Club account in April 2012. In May I applied for a Chase Hyatt card. Received same letter as Emily received, denied due to too many Chase accounts. I called phone # on letter, and indicated my willingness to reallocate some of my credit line. In the course of the conversation I indicated that I also intended to apply for a Chase Marriott card. I was told to apply immediately and to call back as soon as the application had been submitted. Both new cards were approved during that call by transferring $5,000 credit to each account from my United Club account. After 6 months, without a request from me, Chase added the $10,000 credit back to the United card and increased the credit on each of the hotel accounts to $10,000. Clearly no 6 month rule.

  57. hi. with chase (and other banks), does the total available credit limit include both personal and business cards, or are those limits considered separately? i have 3 personal chase cards, but would like to apply for an ink bold card in the near future and it’s too early to cancel any of my personal chase cards.


  58. @sterling – They usually group the business and personal cards together.

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  60. Thank you!
    I was denied a week ago on the Chase Hyatt for “to many applications” . This is my first year on the milles hobby.
    I started on January with Chase Saphire preferred, Freedom and I follow your post on how to get a business credit card and I got the Ink.
    On June I got the citi Aadvantage Visa and 2 weeks later the MasterCard
    And 2 weeks ago I apply for the club Carlson ( approved, 2 days ago I got the TC on the mail, yesterday a welcome letter from club Carlson) and the Chase Hyatt that now is approved.
    I have 28k total credit line so my csp was decreased from 13k to 8k so they can approve the Hyatt with 5k

    A really interesting thing append when I apply for the csp back on jan. I applied thought the MasterCard site but they send me a visa, I call them and they send me a MC and a few days later another Visa all 3 with different numbers. They all work for about 5 month. i was crossing my fingers to get the 40k point on all 3 but I only got 40k points on the MC

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  62. Thanks, Daraius! I was denied for a Chase Southwest Business Card, and declined by the first rep. when I called the reconsideration line; however, I called back and got approved! I now have two Southwest cards, and I’m excited to hopefully get a Companion Pass. Love your site! : )

  63. Yesterday I applied for a Chase business account. Long story short I was declined. I didn’t get my hopes up though. I decided to call the reconsideration line today. I explained I wanted a business card to distinguish between business and personal expenses. I included that the credit limit they have offered me in my personal account could be used for my business account. They said Chase could not offer me a business account because my business has not been registered with the State and I do not have a tax ID number. Needless to say I need some help.

    My last resort is speaking with a supervisor. Are there any suggestions on how to over this tax ID issue?

  64. @Tiffany – Congrats and thanks for reading!

    @Chris S – I don’t believe you would need to register a sole proprietorship, but Chase is tightening the criteria for business cards.

  65. Thanks for this article Daraius! You helped me get approved for the IHG Priority Club Visa today after an initial denial. Props to you for that 🙂

    The initial letter of denial stated that I was “aggressively seeking credit” in the past months and that I already had several credit cards open with Chase.

    At the time of denial, I had open: Chase Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, Business Ink, and I had just opened Amazon Rewards for my Amazon purchases. (Looking back now, the Amazon card was not a good choice if I’m trying to rack up bonus miles, as Chase considers it a fully open account even though it has a $500 spending limit, will clearly only be used for Amazon purchases, and the perks are a mere $30 Amazon gift card and 3x points for Amazon purchases.) I had also previously opened and closed after 6 months a United Explorer card. After speaking with a rep and explaining what distinct purchases I wanted to be using my cards for, she approved me for the IHG Priority Club on the condition that I close my Chase Freedom, which had been open for about 3 years.

    I guess I could have swapped credit from another account, but after speaking with the rep it sounds to me that they look at both total credit and number of accounts open. My plan for the future is to see if can slowly migrate credit over to the next card I’ll be closing (some time next year), so that my total credit with Chase is lowered. Feels a bit like playing with fire 🙂

    Either way, I’ve been really heavy with opening Chase accounts lately, think this will be my last for a while…

    Thanks for the advice!

  66. Hi
    I gor approved for chase cards but then they cancelled all my accounts saying that Bank decided to cancel them. No credit problems except I applied for 5 chase cards and were approved for all..
    Can you suggest anything?

  67. @Vannu – Banks do cancel cards if they feel that you’ve overextended yourself with credit. There isn’t anything you can do, unfortunately.

  68. A solution for those enticed by the amazon chase card is to go to amazon and sign up for the discover it. You’ll get $75 after first purchase and you won’t lose a chase spot.

  69. Thanks for the great post. I was wondering if you have any tips for Capital One. I applied for the Capital One GM card just for the World Elite MasterCard status without the annual fee. I was denied online. I have decent credit though.

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  75. Tom Toolin

    My experience today was a little infuriating. I had applied for the Chase Slate about 9 days ago and didn’t hear anything, no via email or in the mail. With four accounts at Chase and a fairly substantial balance and a FICO score of 817, I was surprised when, at the end of the application, they said they needed to review my app and would respond in (up to) 30 days. I did not stop to jot down the status number at the end because I thought it would be accessible through my Chase account. (it isn’t) I used the “backdoor” number listed here and the guy at Chase put me on hold three times but said it should not be a problem and he was just seeing what my limit would be. Then, he asked if I had ever put a fraud alert on my credit reports, which I had several years ago. He said that one of the reporting agencies did NOT have a phone number for me on the fraud alert, so because of that, they would have to deny my application. I then contacted that credit reporting agency by phone and had to fax a copy of my driver’s license, SS card and a utility bill. The irony is that the denial will show on my credit report now and make future credit harder to get, while possibly affecting my FICO score. This is just a ridiculous glitch in the system. Has anyone else encountered this? I was going to do a balance transfer and just got a new Discover card with absolutely no problems. I had verified things with the guy at Chase, on the phone, that a bad guy would likely not know. (there were several things like my mother’s madden name being just one) I have not applied for a new credit card in 20 years. Now, with good credit, a missing phone number may cause lots of problems.

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  77. I recently applied for and received the Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire within a few weeks of each other, so yes the Chase’s 6 month rule must be a myth.

  78. Hi! I applied for the Chase Freedom Visa Platinum a few weeks ago online. Today, I received a letter that stated “we received an application reflecting your name/SS # and that the security of my info was very important to them”. It went on asking me to call an 800 # within 30 days to confirm the validity of the application and if I called within 30 days, they would continue processing my application. I like that they are protecting people by validating but I’ve never encountered this before. Would you guess I’m approved since they went through the trouble of all this??

  79. @Lisa – I’ve heard of that happening before, so I’d call them.

  80. Thanks for the articles Daraius. I want to ask you for a suggestion, I recently graduated and have 60K income with credit history less than 5 months (Discover student 650$ limit). Am planning to get married this December and so looking to apply for credit cards. Am looking to apply simultaneously for Chase Sapphire, Chase Slate and Barclays Travel card. (Trying for a limit of 20K). I’ve been told its a bad idea since I don’t have enough credit history but I want ask the expert (you). Do you any suggestions? Thanks,

  81. @Sahi – Congrats on graduating! I’d start slowly, with perhaps the Slate card first and then the others. Good luck!

  82. Cassandra White

    I have relatively new ch of a year have decent score 686 w 6 cards and only 13%utilization no late payments have 6 hard inquiries applied for chase freedom and was denied for short ch and to many hard pulls so tried reconsideration and was denied again is anything else I can do????

  83. Here’s is my experience with this issue. I applied for Sapphire and got approved instantly with $18,000 credit line. Minutes later I tried for Ink Classic and got the 7-10 review notice. Today I just received a letter saying that I was not approved, because of “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us”
    After reading this post I decided to give them a call. I explained that I was interested in a businesses, because both my wife and I own a small business and handling separating expenses and doing taxes all on one credit card was getting too complicated and I decided to opt for Ink not only because of the sign up bonus, but also for the overall great rewards. I also suggested that if it would help them to approve my application we could take some of my $18,000 Sapphire credit towards Ink. I was put on hold and voila, 3 minutes later my Ink credit card and 50000 points were on the way.
    Thank you for the great advice to call. Well worth the 12 minutes of total call time!!!

  84. Stephen Lowenstein

    Darius you’re the absolute best! I cancelled my Chase United Explorer Card after holding it for three years in order to get it again with 55,000 bonus miles offer. My application wasn’t instantly approved which I didn’t understand as I have excellent credit, two other Chase cards, and I waited more than 24 hours to reapply. Using the reconsideration number you provided a very nice Chase credit analyst approved me on the spot telling me the system erroneously showed my old Explorer card was still open. It took all of two minutes. Thanks.

  85. I just applied for the Sapphire Preferred and was given the “decision pending” notice. I called the reconsideration line and was told it was actually a denial because I had too many cards opened in the last years. I am not sure which report they pulled but my score is around 734-739 on all of them. I do have inquiries on my reports because of a car loan application. But the last card I got was the regular Sapphire back in October. I have been added as an authorized user on one more Chase United Mileage Plus card recently (about 2 months ago). I thought I’ll try my luck again but the rep said “there is nothing we can do about this, we can’t move anything around” it’s just a final NO. This is so messed up 🙁 I don’t want a denial on my credit report!

  86. I applied for the Chase Freedom two weeks ago and was declined yesterday via mail.
    I just don’t have much credit..my score is 640
    I have one other card that i co-signed with my fiancé (April 2015) to pay off my engagement ring, and an auto loan (September 2013) that was paid off two weeks ago.
    The reasons they have listed for me being declined were

    Length of time since oldest credit card opened too short
    Balances of credit cards are high compared to credit lines
    Too many recently opened revolving accounts compared to all revolving accounts (i don’t know what a revolving account is)
    Total available credit on credit cards is too low

    Any advice? Would calling the recon line be a good idea?
    Im new to credit so I’m unsure of how to plea my case over the phone

  87. Matt Scheaffer

    I keep getting denied for chase cards. They say it is because I have a bankruptcy on my credit report according to Equifax. I called Equifax and they said there is no BK and they sent me a copy of my credit report showing I have no BK. Chase doesn’t care. Seems like this should be illegal

  88. What’s the best recon number to call that people have had most luck with getting chase sapphire approved. I called the 0625 number and the guy didn’t even give me a chance to talk or explain. His reason too many credit accounts open in the last two years. My credit score is in the high 700s and I pay all my credit card balances in full every month.

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